1. Welcome
    1. Use and limits
    2. Objective
    3. Introduction
    4. Overview
    5. System requirements
  2. Get started
  3. Benefits
    1. Buildings geolocation
    2. BIM management
    3. Documents
    4. Project management
    5. Asset management
    6. Measure and monitor
    7. Dashboard
  4. Home page and user interface
    1. “Building in Cloud” command
    2. “User profile” command
    3. “Notify” command
    4. “Settings” command
    5. The “Current position bar”
    6. The “Main menu toolbar”
    7. The “Command menu area”
    8. The “Working space area”
    9. The “BIM button”
  5. Settings and configuration
    1. Main settings
      1. System settings
        1. Manage the system settings
          1. Manage the Organizations
        2. The General command
        3. Subscription
      2. Users and permission
        1. View system user
        2. New user
        3. Manage user
          1. Roles and permission
    2. Buildings settings
      1. Manage building settings
        1. Geolocation of buildings
        2. Manage buildings
    3. General settings
      1. Registries
        1. New companies
      2. Components
      3. Lists
        1. Add entries to the list
        2. Edit the list entries
  6. BIM Management
    1. BIM Model management
      1. BIM property
      2. Display commands
      3. BIM actions
      4. The “BIM button”
  7. Building Explorer
  8. Buildings
    1. New building
    2. Geolocate a building
    3. Manage buildings
      1. Delete a building
    4. Linked BIM model
      1. Building’s floors
    5. Building file
      1. Information management of a building
      2. Construction’s data
      3. Water and gas installations
      4. Electrical and special systems
      5. HVAC system
      6. Print Building File
    6. Cost Information
  9. Team
    1. View the team members list
    2. Invite users
    3. Team management
    4. Skills
      1. Skills management
    5. Team members communication
      1. Send messages
      2. Manage messages
      3. Notify
        1. View notifications
    6. Team Member filters
  10. Documents
    1. View content
      1. Details of a document
      2. View documents
      3. Register
      4. Task with a document
      5. Issue on a document
    2. Organize documents
      1. Create a new folder
      2. Delete documents
      3. Access permission
        1. Manage access permissions
    3. New documents
    4. Document management
      1. Actions on documents
        1. Check-in / Check-out
        2. Move
      2. New version
        1. Create the QR code to associate to a file
        2. Verify document version
      3. Recover documents
      4. Documents filters
  11. Tasks
    1. View tasks
      1. Dashboard
        1. View dashboard
    2. Organize tasks
      1. Create a new task
        1. Property
      2. Tasks management
        1. Check lists
        2. Documents
        3. Task’s notes
        4. History
      3. Delete
      4. View in the BIM model
      5. Print/Export
    3. Tasks filters
  12. Issues
    1. View issues
    2. Dashboard
      1. View dashboard
    3. Organize issues
      1. Create a new issue
        1. Property
      2. Issues management
        1. Check lists
        2. Documents
        3. Issue notes
        4. History
      3. Delete
      4. View in the BIM model
      5. Print/Export
    4. Issues filters
  13. Spaces
  14. Components
    1. View components
    2. New components
    3. Gestione componenti
      1. Cancellare i componenti
      2. Stampa/Esporta
      3. Azioni sui componenti
    4. Visualizzare i componenti di un edificio nel modello BIM
    5. Tipi di componenti
    6. Search components by Tag
    7. Components filters
  15. Safety
  16. Service level
  17. 4BT CE
    1. 4BT-CE Introduction
    2. 4BT-CE Welcome
    3. 4BT-CE Estimating
      1. Home
      2. Price List
      3. Manage Estimate
      4. Security Features
      5. Service Level Agreement

4BT-CE Estimating – Quick Start

4BT-CE is the estimating and LEAN construction delivery component of Building in Cloud.  4BT-CE embeds integrated project delivery best management practices, including the OpenJOCTM process, to enable higher levels of collaboration among owners, contractors, subcontractors, building users, and oversight groups.

4BT-CE provides many benefits to users and the user organizations. Below a brief outline of the many benefits, features, and capabilities provided.

Estimating Feature

  •  Detailed line item construction cost estimating, as well as program, project, and document management
  • Supports multiple Unit Price Books and other Detailed Line Item Commercial Construction Costs Databases
  • Support for multiple JOC Coefficients, multiple Locations, multiple Contractors, multiple Subcontractors, multiple JOC Programs…
  • CSI Masterformat (TM) UPB format (50 Division) used for data organization
  • Electronic estimating — directly access, search, and use pricing guides without physical books, paper, or PDFs.
  • Full description of line items, in plain English using common industry terms, including crews, output, material, labor, and equipment costs.
  • Minimal use of confusing abbreviations or acronyms
  • Powerful search engine tools to find unit price line items quickly – Keyword search, Masterformat number, search, and Navigational Tree
  • Ability to tag and input multiple line items into an estimate
  • Easily locate any items lacking a quantity (highlighted in ‘yellow’)
  • Reports calculate and detail Prepriced (sourced from current JOC UPB) and non-prepriced line items, and show associated percentages of total estimating and total dollar amounts.
  • Ability to add and report notes at the line item level, estimate, or project level.

Project & Document Management Features

  • Progam, Project, and Document Management tools
  • Manage document templates to be used repeatedly on projects
  • Organize and locate all project documents in one common place
  • Document “check out/check in” assures everyone is working on the same current version
  • Mutliple permission levels can be assigned relative to document viewing, editing, etc.

General Features

  • Support for an unlimited number of users
  • Compliant with advanced security protocols
  • Pure cloud technology – Only requires an internet browser (Google Chrome recommend, though operable in all common browsers),. Excel™ and Adobe PDF™ are used for exporting, report viewing, etc.
  • Report generation and export to Excel™ or Adobe PDF™
  • Document version control
  • Document access control
  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • DWG, Revit, PDF, viewers
  • GPS mapping/visualization


  • Tracks and manages all projects in one program
  • Enables team to share CURRENT information in REALTIME – Allows designated team members to access and/or edit assigned documents and share information/expertise
  • Reduces time spent creating and managing documents
  • Electronically supports contract pricing requirements
  • Support and training from a team that has decades of experience LEAN consturction delivery and life-cycle facilities / infrastructure asset management.
  • Monitors and helps to assure compliance with program requirements
  • Properly implemented, delvers 90%+ of renovation, repair, and new construction projects on-time, on-budget, and to the satisfaction of all participants and stakeholders.


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